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European Union Trademark (EUTM): What is it and which countries are included?

The administrative processes associated with European Union Trademarks are carried out by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), located in Spain.


  • Filing a single application for a trademark with a central authority protects the trademark owner in all EU member countries in a cost-effective manner.
  • It prevents the cancellation of the trademark due to lack of use in other EU member countries if the business is focused only in, for example, one or two countries.
  • EUTMs offer essentially the same benefits as national trademarks.
  • The registration process is simpler than national trademark registration, particularly in relation to the process involved in applying for registration and local protection in each respective territory.
  • EUTMs are valid throughout the European Union without the need to file a new application in the event of EU enlargement.
  • Cancellation or nullity proceedings for a trademark or design will be more expensive if carried out before national courts than those carried out before the EUIPO for an EUTM.

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  • The trademark application must be accepted in all member countries, otherwise the application will be rejected for all EU countries.
  • For companies whose transactions are limited to a single area, it may be more beneficial to register a national trademark, as it is easier to manage by a lawyer in the country.
  • If the trademark is used only locally, obtaining an EUTM for exclusivity in each of the member countries can be challenged by any national trademark within the EU.

Instead of applying for an EUTM, the trademark owner can apply for their trademark in one or several EU countries at the trademark offices of each country, without the need to do so through the EUIPO.

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