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What happens if oppositions or objections arise during the registration process?

The purpose of the Trademark Comprehensive Study is to assess the probabilities of objections and oppositions. If objections or oppositions arise, relies on experienced Trademark Attorneys that will guide you in the appropriate course of action.

Upon notification of an office action or opposition, we strive to:

  • Communicate the details of the action to you as quickly as possible
  • Include Future-steps and possible arguments
  • Monitor deadlines and explain the costs to prepare and and submit a response, if applicable

WIPO Objections

If you have submitted an application via the Madrid Protocol to another country and receive notice of an objection, we can submit the response on your behalf.  To determine the costs for preparing and filing a response, please write to with your application number and a copy of the notification from the Trademark Office.  

If you have any further questions on oppositions or objections, or would like to obtain a quotation for any of these services please email us at

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