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What are the phases of application after a trademark has been filed in Hungary?

The procedures in applying for trademark registration is as follows: 

  1. Examination – The application will be examined in terms of:
    • Compliance with requirements
    • Classification of goods/services
    • Clarity of description
    • Descriptiveness (mark must not be used solely to describe the goods/services)
    • Distinctiveness (mark must distinguish the good/service from others)
    • Deceptiveness (mark must not mislead as to the good’s geographic origin, nature, quality, etc.)
  2. Publication – Information about the application will be published. This is done to make opposition available to third parties.
    • Mark
    • Name and address of applicants
    • State/country of incorporation of applicants
    • Number of application
    • Date of application
    • Goods/services
    • Information about priority claim
    • Trademark representation
  3. Registration – If the examiners accepted the application and all oppositions are defeated, the registration will be granted by the trademark office of Hungary

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