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What are the phases of application after a trademark has been filed in Turkey?

The sequence of trademark processing in Turkey is as follows: 

  1. Examination – The application will be examined in terms of:
    • Formalities or compliance with requirements
    • Proper classification of goods/services
    • Clarity of descriptions
    • Descriptiveness
    • Capability to be represented graphically
    • Deceptiveness
    • Conflict with prior registrations
  2. Publication – Details about the application will be made available to everyone through online posting and in the Bulletin of Trademarks
    • Mark
    • Applicant’s name
    • Applicant’s address
    • Application’s date
    • Application’s number
    • Goods and services
    • Representation of trademark
  3. Registration – Once the examiners did not refuse the application and if oppositions after publication have been resolved, the trademark office will then issue the registration grant

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