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Are there any types of trademark that cannot be registered?

These marks are not allowed for registration: 

  • Marks that are in conflict with moral standards and public policy
  • Marks that have a broad or common meaning (generic)
  • Marks that include symbols, flags or names of regions, states, nations or international organizations
  • Marks that do not show acquired distinctiveness
  • Marks that describe the characteristics of a good/service
  • Marks that illustrate the shape of the product
  • Marks that deceive the consumers as to the product’s origin of place
  • Marks that are used as a geographical indication
  • Marks that mislead the consumers as to the origin of place of wines and spirits
  • Marks that use a person’s surname without consent
  • Marks that use high value religious symbols
  • Marks that use protected state emblems, armorial bearings and flags without permit from authorities

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