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What are the phases of application after a trademark has been filed in Japan?

The sequence of trademark application in Japan is as follows: 

  1. Examination – The trademark office will examine the application in terms of:
    • Deceptiveness
    • Distinctiveness
    • Clarity
    • Classification
    • Formalities
    • Conflict with earlier registrations
    • Violation of morals or public policy
    • Unauthorized use of a stage name, pen name, or portrait of a person
    • Similarities with a mark that has recently expired (within one year)
    • Marks that mislead the consumers about the good’s or service’s quality
    • Conflict with a name that is being used for rice
  2. Registration – A registration certificate will be granted if the application passes the examination phase.
  3. Publication – The following details will be made available to the public so interested parties can oppose if need be. Note that there will be no print version of the publication rather it will be saved in a DVD format.
    • Mark
    • Goods/services
    • Name and address of applicant
    • Citizenship and country of incorporation of the applicant
    • Date and number of application
    • Date when the mark was first used
    • Trademark representation
    • Information about priority claim
    • Specimen

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