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Should I register my trademark in Chinese characters?

Yes! Hermes of Paris lost an appeal before the Chinese court for a company registered in China as Ai Ma Shi which is what people in that country call Hermes. Even though the Court understandable upheld the validity of the trademark in its country, there are important considerations we have referred to in other articles about evaluating the strength or, in this case, weakness of a commercial mark. We strongly recommend that you register your trademark in both Latin characters and Chinese characters. If you register in one country, you expose your brand to counterfeiting products in the other country.

Carefully consider the impact of different alphabets too. In this example, you have a choice of registering a trademark in traditional Chinese characters used, for instance, in Macao, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, and a simplified character prevalent in Singapore and the People's Republic of China.

Consider also registering your mark using a more open conceptual or phonetic interpretation, translation, or transliteration that corresponds to your trademark in the foreign language.  One important reason you perform a comprehensive search is because you should expect to encounter issues of semantic meaning across languages, particularly when dialects do not share a common language root.  

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