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What are application oppositions and objections?

Your business name is an asset to you and your company. Even after you successfully register your trademark, you still must defend it from legitimate competition, counterfeiters, and unfair business practices that infringe on your property rights. On a regular biweekly basis, the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) releases a list of approved trademark applications for public review. A trademark is not self-enforcing. Part of owning a commercial mark is proactively protecting it. Every two weeks, the public and competing business owners in your chosen commercial market, can file an opposition to an approved trademark. Professional services have the resources and time to watch this constant churn of new information and help you defend your mark in a busy world. See more information about our Trademark Watch Service.

If a mark owner believes your mark infringes on their exclusive rights to property, they will oppose your application during this period and file an opposition with the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. You must defend your brand and the trademark that shows you own it. 

During the examination process leading to the registration of a trademark, a Trademark Office compares your mark to other existing trademarks and will reject the application if the mark resembles marks already in the marketplace.

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