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How do I perform a Trademark Class Search?

Trademark classifications are necessary for the registration process but can be misleading. The 45 categories in the Nice Agreement describe in generic terms, highly nuanced areas of commerce. We recommend you begin with your core business and describe the item(s) that you produce in clear, precise terms. Once you conclude what the best category is, focus on fringe commercial activities. Add as many trademark categories as you need to help define the property rights you want to protect. Business plans typically span a variety of areas to allow flexibility in the marketplace. Choose classes that allow you to protect your long-term goals. The appropriate choice of a trademark class will not only increase the likelihood of acceptance, but also improve your ability to defend future infringement.

You can also find your class number using our Trademark Class Search tool.

When you apply for your trademark application, the classification choices depend on how you define your goods or services. Once you have a definition, find at least one classification class that covers your business definition. Consider other overlapping trademark classes that also describe your goods or services. You should also consider coordinated classes. Your choice of one or more classification categories will have a significant impact on the acceptance or rejection of your application.

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