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Why should I invest in a trademark?

By registering a mark, you can become the exclusive owner, distinguishing it in a unique manner from its competition so that your clients can differentiate them from similar products and/or services of others that are available in the market. This allows consumers that are satisfied with the given product and/or service to be able to buy or use that product and/or service. The majority of important and prestigious companies have their marks registered and can use the sign “R” (according to the regulation of each country).

Furthermore, the registration of your mark provides legal protection so that you can prevent third parties to copy or imitate your mark by trying to take advantage of your reputation and damaging your prestige; you have the possibility to defend yourself with legal action if necessary.

Undeniably, investing in a trademark will provide protection through the local trademarks office of the respective country, which will also result in a greater connection with your clients and an increase in the value of your company as the registration will become a company asset.

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