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My Trademark was Abandoned, how can I revive it?

An abandoned trademark application is one that has gone from pending to inactive status due to a failure to either respond to Office action, a failure to file a Statement of Use in a timely manner, or for an incomplete response.  While your application is pending, an examining attorney will send an Office action letter that will require you to issue a response within six months from the mailing date on the letter.  If you do not respond within that six month time frame, your application will be deemed abandoned and you can submit a Petition to Revive your trademark application if the failure to respond was unintentional.  If the Abandonment is the result of a failure to file a Statement of Use, the owner can file a Petition to Revive the application along with a petition fee if the failure to submit documentation was unintentional. In the case of submitting an incomplete response to an examining attorney’s Office action, the trademark owner can file a petition if the Petitioner can demonstrate that the examining attorney is in error for holding the application abandoned.


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