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US Trademark Renewal

US Trademark registrations are valid for 10 years.  If you wish to keep validity of your trademark you must file a trademark renewal application in conjunction with a Declaration of Use.

These applications should be filed before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) between the ninth and tenth year after registration date. Please notice that if you have passed the deadline, there is a six months grace period in which you may still file your application for an additional fee. Once the grace period is passed, your registration will be cancelled and cannot be revived or reinstated.

Advantages of using services include:

  • Experienced attorneys that will help you avoid many potential pitfalls that may occur in the process that could lead to the rejection of Renewal Application.
  • The client's portfolio is supported by his/her account on our website which clearly shows the latest information and statuses of all trademarks the client holds.

In order to send you a full quotation for Declaration of Use and Trademark Renewal in the U.S. please contact us at and we will reply within 1 business day.

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