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Why does a trademark matter to me and my business?

The similarity of trademarks causes confusion in the marketplace and creates an opportunity for counterfeiters to steal your profits, use your brand awareness, and damage your reputation. Similar marks composed of words that sound, appear, or have the same meaning across different languages are worth consideration when choosing your personal or business mark.

A well-searched and correctly registered trademark helps confirm in the consumers' mind and through the eyes of courts and governing bodies around the world, your mark shows you as the source of the product or service.

The choice of a trademark for a business needs careful thought and planning. There are subtle factors that add to the uniqueness of your mark. Consider the strength or weakness of your trademark design to differentiate you from competition in your niche marketplace as well as thwart counterfeiting. Is your mark memorable? Will your trademark attract attention especially online through its clarity, style, and uniqueness? Is your mark memorable over time? If you move to foreign markets, will your choice of design translate well (and not offend people) in other countries and other cultures? 

The United States Patent Office reminds people that they can only register a person's claim to goods, services, and intellectual property. The property owner has the ultimate responsible for enforcing their rights. Proper registration of a trademark is a fundamental step in protecting what your claims.


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