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Can I register my domain name as a trademark?

Internet domain names often are the same as business names. The online retailer, Amazon, uses the domain. Its corporate name is Inc. We recommend you register your domain name as a trademark to protect your brand.  A domain name is part of the reference system used to find resources on the Internet. The domain name stands for a unique sequence of numbers used by computer networks. It is like using words to help people remember your phone number.

You register a domain name much like applying for a business name at the state level. If you pay your annual fees, you can use your domain name. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is one of several nonprofit, international authorizing organizations responsible for coordinating and supporting Internet domain names. is an official ICANN accredited registrar. 

 If you register your domain name as a trademark, you protect not only the name of your domain but may also avoid having other individuals and businesses secure domain names that are like your registered trademark. You can register your trademark in the country where you register your domain to protect it in specific markets. For example, you want to register your trademark for in France or in China. 

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