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What type of trademark is not registrable?

  • generic terms
  • non-distinctive marks
  • names, symbols or flags of states, regions, nations or of international organizations
  • marks that function principally as surnames
  • marks that resemble the emblem of the Crown or royal crests
  • the word “royal” or any other words, symbols or characters that may lead to the belief that the applicant enjoys royal patronage
  • marks that are similar to the:
    • Red Cross
    • Red Crescent
    • Geneva Cross
  • marks that contain the picture or name of a third party without consent
  • marks that function principally as geographic location names
  • marks contrary to moral standards or public order
  • marks that include the following words and expressions:
    • “patent”
    • “patented”
    • “by royal patent”
    • “registered design”
    • “copyright”
    • “counterfeiting is forgery”
    • or similar words or expressions
  • marks that lead to the deception the public
  • marks that encourage unfair trading competition
  • marks that contain false indications as to their real origin
  • marks that are identical or similar to any emblem of religious significance

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