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Is there any possibility to claim priority in Thailand?

The following requisites must be satisfied:


  • If an applicant's home country is a member of the Paris Convention, the filing date of its home application can be claimed as the filing date in this jurisdiction.
  • If the home application was filed within the fixed period of six months preceding the application in Thailand.
  • A person who has filed a trademark application in a foreign country and who files an application for the registration of the trademark in Thailand within six months of the first foreign application may claim the filing date of that first foreign application as the filing date in Thailand
  • The applicant is a national of Thailand or is domiciled or operates an industrial or commercial enterprise in a country that is a member of an international convention or treaty for the protection of trademarks of which Thailand is also a member
  • If the applicant is a national of a country that grants the same right to Thai nationals or juristic persons whose principal offices are located in Thailand.

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