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What type of trademark is not registrable?

The following are not registrable as trademarks:

  • generic terms
  • names, flags or symbols of states, nations, regions or international organizations
  • marks that function principally as surnames
  • marks that contradict moral standards or public order
  • marks that function principally as geographic location names
  • marks that consist of hallmarks and official signs indicating control and warranty, seals, assay marks
  • non-distinctive trademarks
  • marks that consist of copyright-protected subject matter
  • marks that are descriptive or deceptive
  • marks that solely reflect the form caused by the natural state of goods
  • marks that consist of trade names that are known in Ukraine and belong to another person
  • marks that are identical or misleadingly similar to an already registered trademark in Ukraine
  • marks that consist of industrial designs
  • The Law of Ukraine "On Condemning Communist and National Socialist (Nazi) Totalitarian Regimes and the Prohibition of Their Propaganda Symbols" has been adopted


Note: Please consult a trademark attorney.

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